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Born of Roman Catholic Parents, I grew up in the church and served as a lay person until the second Vatican Council ended in 1964 when I migrated from Germany to Australia. I knew a bit of the English language in Germany, but 6 weeks on the ship 'Aurelia' [A Germany world war two navy battle ship converted to passenger cargo by Italians] I had intensive English lessons class with humour.

My Parents had a Pub which was run by Mum and my Sister Helga and I and Dad had a workshop for automotive repairs and conversions. My only sister followed me to the land down under.
After the Vatican Council II [1962-64] it was announced that the Mother church changed the standing of Protestantism from heretics to separate Brethren. From that point onwards I no longer believed in the infallibility of the Pope. One minute he calls them heretics and the next they get their status changed to separated brethren. This does not add up.

Now, post Vatican II, I was free to associate with any other church. I went straight to the Lutheran Pastor in Canberra who spoke German with the question, why did you leave our church? His answer astounded me to say the least. I learned all about the infamous inquisition and learned from the Bible that murderers do not go to heaven. I did not want to belong to murderers any longer. Roman Catholics had murdered millions of Bible believing God fearing people for leaving the Mother church.

Then I learned that contacting the dead is the forbidden art of Necromancy. Mary is dead and gone. The Bible says that the dead know not anything neither do they have any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun. [Ecclesiastes 9:6]. This means that the Pope is not a Christian but a spiritualist because he openly says that he contacts Mary every night. Note, it is only through the night that this is done. The Devil has the power and skills to embody anyone at anytime. He is the arch-deceiver.

All I can say is, that Jesus is a real life Transformer. His free gift of salvation include repentance from sin and a new heart and spirit in which He writes obedience and love for His holy law of the Ten Commandments [Hebrews chapters 8 + 9] The love, joy, faith and complete satisfaction comes also with God's Holy Spirit's power when we accept Jesus so I found. It is called "The New Birth" or being born again and converted. My Lord and personal Savior Jesus Christ who took my punishment for sin upon Himself and died for me in my place on the cross for what I deserved. With the greatest joy I took this free gift of God's grace and stand now in the complete freedom of the gospel.

One night as I was reading my Bible, the Holy Spirit convicted me of sin and found myself crying out to God for forgiveness and from that day onwards I had real peace such as the world cannot give. Doing Bible correspondence courses, I learned that the Roman Catholic Church leaders had changed the 10 Commandments. The Bible forbids us to call anyone by the religious title of "FATHER" [see Matthew chapter 23]. This means that all those who have this title do also not belong to the only true God despite their claims.

They removed the second of the 10 Commandments that forbids images and idols so they could start idolatry admiring and idolizing Mother Mary and the saints. These are all human idols.

Arriving in Australia in 1964-65 I was in poor health. I had served in the French Foreign Legion as a mechanic/machine gunner and after getting my legs broken in one of the dangerous operations involving mountain claiming in North Africa, I was looking for better health and found it in Canberra National Health Society. Sorry to say that they have now gone eastern style spiritualists. As my health improved by becoming a vegetarian, I found employment in the only Canberra Hospital at that time. Now it has a least three. Working at that Hospital, I met the clergy from all denominations who daily came to visit their sick flock. As I was telling the Minister of the church of Christ that I was just about to join the Lutherans, he was alarmed. He told me not to as they had not departed much from Catholicism and retained so many of the errors such as sprinkling babies which is not really Baptism. We get our English word 'Baptism' from the Greek word 'Baptizo' which means to immerse or plunge under. So Baptism by immersion is the only method specified by the Bible, the Holy Word of God. Baptism symbolizes the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ [Romans 6]. So I became a member of the Church of Christ and with such a good name I thought I could not go wrong. Later on I found I was wrong.

Anyone who worships on Sunday transgresses the Ten Commandments. Sunday people are very much opposed to the only Christ found in the Bible and He is the Lord of the seventh-day Sabbath, the fourth of the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments define to us what sin is and any unrepentant willful sin gets punished by God with eternal death. The Ten Commandments with the fourth or Sabbath day are so holy that God did not allow any human hand to write or touch it. It is the only portion of the whole Bible that God wrote Himself. [The writings on the wall at Beltshessar's palace could have been done by an angel] on stone. We today would call it set in concrete.

Then the day came when God led me into the Seventh-Day Adventist church in Canberra, the capital of Australia. My study of the Holy Scripture, the Word of our God, led me to the place where I wanted to understand the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the last book of the Bible. I had asked my Church of Christ minister, Pastor Anderson to explain it to me, but he said that he didn't want to go there. Then I realized that he didn't know anything about it. All the many clergy man that came to the Hospital where I worked, one by one declined to explain it to me. Their usual comments were, don't worry or no one can understand it. I was so amazed that Ministers of the Gospel knew nothing of the Revelation of Jesus they professed to follow. But the very title 'Revelation' means something to be revealed. So I kept praying to my God and Saviour that He would sent someone along to help me. About 6 month or so later, one day, a clergyman came in a white open shirt with a little golden cross on the collar indicating Christianity. I learned that he was the Pastor of the local Seventh-Day Adventist church and that the Bible interprets itself by comparing Scripture with Scripture. All these strange symbolism in the book of Revelation is explained in the Old Testament. Here for the first time was a church that had it all. Five major pillars centering all on Jesus, keeping all of the Ten Commandments, being vivid health reformers and able to understand by the Holy Spirit's power the entire Bible. My joy was complete. Jesus is really wonderful. One of my websites www.come2Jesus.com.au really proclaims it. Weeks later I met up again with my previous Pastor and he wanted to know why he hadn't seen me at church. I asked him the question, what do you think of Seventh-day Adventists? Oh, he said, they are a cult and always on about Daniel and Revelation. No sooner had he said this, his face went red because he now remembered that I wanted to know about the Revelation of Jesus Christ. He could have sent me straight to them because he knew about this.

Now looking back at the time of my 76th birth day how the Lord has blessed me with 100% good health. 200% happiness and a wonderful Christian wife by the name of Alice May and three healthy adult children.

After my retirement, the Lord was able to use my engineering skills to set up Christian FM Radio in many towns and places broadcasting 3ABN around the clock to the public enlightening and urging people to accept the Three Angel's Messages of Revelation 14:6-12. This is God's last message of warning to avoid the "Mark of the Beast" and to come out of "Fallen Babylon" by accepting the "GOOD NEWS" of salvation as found in the everlasting Gospel, to avoid the theory of evolution and to accept Christ as our Creator God who made the Universe [Hebrews 1:1,2,10; Colossians 1:9-20; John 1:1-3,10,14.;Eph.3:9;1.Peter 4:16,19; Hebr. 11:3;] and Jesus also claims to be the "Great I AM" or self - existing God of the Old Testament who gave us the Ten Commandments on MT. Sinai to Moses [John 8:58;5:18; Isa. 43; Exodus 3:14.

I figured out the reason why the Pastors of the Seventh-Day Adventist churches do not visit Hospitals so often. They have an excellent health message given them by God through Ellen G. White and it took 6 month before I saw one at the Hospital and it was the maternity ward he visited. It was not because of low numbers. The SDA Church in the ACT numbered many hundreds at the time and had the biggest group of young people of any church in Australia.

In the last 12 years, my wife and I has been used by the Lord to set up 59 Radio stations and hundreds of Christian satellite television. We are very grateful to Him that we are allowed to serve our God in this capacity. Consequently, we made a small website listing those radio stations and offering resources, equipment and spare parts.   www.Adventist-Radio-Australia.org  

Up to that time, the Seventh-Day Adventist church owned and operated over 200 low powered radio stations called LPON's [Low Powered Open Narrowcast] mostly in the 87.6, 87.8 and 88 FM frequencies all over Australia. But there was no co-ordination and so I spend much time making a database and produced a directory which I was hoping the signs publishing company will one day list them in the signs magazine, the official SDA publication. But there was no interest at all. The official Adventist radio channel is Hope Radio and the un-official channel is 3ABN [3 Angels Broadcasting Network] and our numbers have since more than doubled.

My other websites are:

  1. www.come2jesus.com.au
  2. www.come2jesus.info
  3. www.JesusLordoftheSabbath.com
  4. www.Christ-Our-Righteousness.com
  5. www.comparingprophets.com

The central pillars of Seventh-Day Adventists are: 1.] Jesus Christ the great and high priest in the heavenly Sanctuary where all the Ten Commandments are in the Most Holy Place [Hebrews 8:1-5; Revelation 11:19; 15:5] . 2,] Jesus Christ the Creator God and the Lord of the Seventh-Day Sabbath [Mark 2: 28] 3.] The Advent or return of Jesus Christ also imbedded/incorporated in the name 'Adventist'. 4.] Jesus Christ our Saviour [Savior] from and not in sin [see Matthew 1:21]. 5.] The Revelation of Jesus Christ, the last book of the Bible and prophecy with the spiritual gift through Ellen G, White one of the Pioneers. Today, I understand  that Vegetarianism and Christ's Sabbath are a test for us in these last days [see 1.Corinthians 10:5,6,11.] In the wilderness, God's chosen people refused the vegetarian diet in the form of Manna or angel's food and this made God very angry so He punished them with death. [see Psalms 87:17-31] Sabbath was also an issue there [see Ezekiel 20:13,16.].

We have never worried about vitamins and mineral shortage until the vitamin craze appeared. B12? Never a problem. If you are worried, Spirulina and Bee Pollen contain plenty of B12 and one only needs the tiniest amount of it, stored in the liver.

My wife Alice May and me

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